Getting ready for the big man!

Zack with you know who. I mean come on, Santa never had a play date with me when I was a kid….

Another redneck weekend!!!!

Man this weekend was out of control. I had to tell littleman that I needed his help this weekend at work, as the MonsterJam was past his bed time. But when we got there it was all questions until we got to our seats. Once we did, he knew what he was about to see. All I can tell you is that I saw lots of monster trucks and littleman smiling and jumping up and down the whole time. This was awesome! As it ended, we had a bit of time trying to leave. He wanted to stay and see more. But I don’t blame him for that. Can’t wait to see another one soon. BTW, the seats where killer. We where in the middle like 11 rows up. We could see everything up close.

Michael Jackson (Hold My Hand ft. Akon)

New MJ coming out in December 2010…

I say, I say, boy where are my fries?

So this new fast food chicken place opened up near our house. I decided to try it. I mean any place that uses a logo that looks like Foghorn Leghorn, you can’t go wrong. As I was waiting for my order to-go, I noticed that just about everyone got Diet-Coke or Coke Zero as a drink. Is it just me, or do these people feel better by getting some type of diet drink with there deep fried meal? Over all the food was okay. Also want to point out that I did not get everything I ordered. So that sucked. But they are new, so I will give them some time.

Why did I never think of that?

Something so simple, check it out… (Thanks to BigD on this URL)

and the Survey says….

Stupidity by Facebook Again!

So Kerfye Pierre returned home from volunteering in January’s Haiti earthquake. As she was leaving, T-Mobile granted her a courtesy plan. But when she got home, her bill was nearly $35,000. That’s right little lady. I am so happy you wanted to help. But the courtesy plan was for phone calls. However she was to busy updating her Facebook probably about how good of a person she is on how she helped people etc, etc, etc. The more you really look at this, there are only really two types of people that enjoy facebook.

  • The Let Me Tell You Every Details of My Day Person
    • Could not get out of bed.
    • The drive to work was to long.
    • I am making coffee.
  • The Self-Promoter
    • What can I brag about today? I know, I made this way great dinner last night. It was the best and everyone loved it. Check it out, I even took pictures of it with my cell phone.

    “History of Rap” (Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon)

    Not bad for a few White boys…

    Little Johnny Zack Joke!! (kinda clean)

    Thought this was better by changing all “Johnny” to Zack. I can see littleman doing this.

    Little Zack was going to his faters house one day and he was packing everthing in his room and putting it in his little red wagon.

    He was walking to his fathers house with his wagon behind him, when he came to this hill.

    He started up the hill but was constantly swearing “This God damn thing is so heavy”

    A priest heard him and came out. “You shouldn’t be swearing” said the priest. “God hears you…He is everywhere…He’s in the church…He’s on the sidewalk…He’s everywhere”

    Then Little Zack says “Oh is he in my Wagon”

    The prist replies “Yes Zack, God is in your Wagon”

    Little Zack says “Well tell him to get the hell out and start pulling”

    Ali-G Back n Da house!

    Yes this is a little old school, but came across some old clips on youtube and remembered the days of Ali-G. I do miss some of his topics. Take a look if you have no idea who this guy is.