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Rockstar… NOT!

Could someoneĀ  please tell these girls today that the big sunglasses are totally stupid looking. I mean the only person missing these boats is Grandma Ursula from the 70′s. The first thing I think about is a bumble bee or some retarded person playing dress up. Come on. You are not a rock star and [...]

Bring Home the Bacon

So the other day I decided to check out Burger Kings $1 double cheese burger. However I like to add bacon to most of my hamburgers I get. Call me crazy but that is what I like. So I pull up to the window and my total is $3 and some change. Wow, I knew [...]

XM, are you Sirius?

Noticed the other day that I tried to play my XM account online as I always do. For some reason it was not working and asked me to contact customer service. So I called XM now Sirius, and they told me that to use my account online I have to pay for that service now. [...]

It’s the law!

My two biggest pet peeves are, not using your lights when it is foggy or raining outside and your parking lights don’t count. Last people on there bikes want us to share the road. No problem, but you will do as I do on the road. What does this mean, Well if I stop at [...]

Signs & lines only suggestions

It really is sad that VDOT has to put lines and signs up for people to reference. But then they don’t even look at them. I am not perfect, but I tend to read what is around me. So this weekend, I am at a 3-way intersection, pretty easy to see that there is a [...]

Honda – Let’s get it together

So owning more than 12 Honda’s the designs and quality are gone. I own two EX models, one a Pilot and one an Accord. Both have rattles that are out of control and the Pilot trans has some sort of slipping problem at 45. But there is nothing wrong with it. Yeah okay. Over the [...]

My first Blog!

Well I have decided to see if this blog thing helps. My wife says that I really need to redirect my anger and feelings on things somewhere else. So thought this would be a good place to put them. I will give it a try!