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Wii be busy!

After hacking my AppleTV, things started to work better as my kid did not have to touch DVDs any longer. Well he is now wanting to play games and the Wii has CDs. As I don’t really want him touching them, a friend turned me on to USB Loader. This allows me to add a [...]

After Christmas blues

Christmas was great this year. My 3yr old really enjoyed himself as did my family. I am really sad to see it be over so soon. However, my wife got me one of the best gifts ever. One of the things I like to do is watch “The Christmas Story” all day. Not sure why, [...]

Beware of the Transplant

So as born and raised in Williamsburg, I always hated summertime. This is when us locals had to deal with the tourists. But not so much anymore. We now have to look out for the transplants. So if you are not sure what a transplant is, let me tell you. These are the people that [...]

Holy cow… For real?

Saw this and had to share…

Get the BEEP over…

Okay, this trend is getting worse by the day, and it seems to be more common than ever. I drive I-64 everyday. Most of these people are men and women talking on their cell phones. They really need to ban cell phone usage while driving. The majority of people can not talk and drive simultaneously. [...]

Nerd Alart!!!!

Okay, so I am a bit of a nerd. Oh well. That is good and bad sometimes. But anyways I am so ready for a new phone the AndriodOS seems to be the way I want to go. My friends and co-workers are getting this but I have to wait til January 10th…. Wow that [...]

Driving the boat… Kinda

My family pulls up to the bank the other day behind this huge SUV. The funny part is that it takes the driver 3 times to get into the lane. I would think that the first time would have been a hint that this car is way to big for them. But for some reason [...]

Inform me LED

Driving to work today, I am sitting in traffic again. As always on the peninsula side of 64. VDOT feels that 2 lanes is way more then needed for this side of the water. Again a 12mile drive should not take more then 30min. What ever… That’s another post sometime.  But as I am sitting [...]

Back the MAC up

Okay, so I eat out a lot. I am sure the list of why I should not is just as long as why I do. But I have to say that I do eat out at McDonald’s a lot. The McDonald’s on 4521 John Tyler HWY (Store 16406) just plain sucks. To start, once I [...]

Knot again!

Little man needed some new shoes this weekend. No problem, mom and I set out for something that should be so easy. As always we find the Velcro shoes. But then noticed that there are 10 Velcro shoes and 1 tied shoe design. Okay, no problem off to another store. Guess what, the same thing. [...]