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Beware of shrinking Toilet Paper

So as I spend my great moments thinking in the office upstairs, I noticed that my toilet paper roll was smaller. Not by the amount but by the size. Come on, are times really that hard that you had to cut 1/2″ off of each roll now. This is crazy. We buy Quilted Northern toilet [...]

Mommy pack my bags…

I have to go see this….


So three times we have placed a to-go order with Quiznos in New Town (Store 8870) and our order is never ready. We call 30+min in advance. But this time was the kicker. We were told that they were busy helping customers. Wow, what are we, just chop meat? Okay so no problem, thought I [...]

UGG – Would someone explain?

So what is up with females these days. It seems that girls want to dress for the summer above the waste and for winter below the waste. Does this make any sense to anyone. Why? I have to say, that maybe if you got a pair of rockstar sunglasses to go along with these boots, [...]

Let me learn you something…

So I always thought having a child in home school was a dumb idea. But being that I have a son/student and a wife/teacher, I see both sides of problems that we have in our schools. First, states are way to busy looking at teachers papers. Yes as a parent we want the best teacher [...]

I got two turn tables & a microphone…

So after linking one of my daily sites, “The people of Wal-Mart, I came across this site and had to share. The site is called “”. Way to funny. Check it out by visiting

Nerd Alart Part 2

So I got my new Phone. It really is better then my old smartphone. Google has done a real good job with the Android OS. The only complaint that I have so far is, the lack of mail checking it has. But after using the gmail account with push. This works really nice. So anyone [...]