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Social Networking is for the dogs

One thing I can not stand is people always talking about their facebook or twitter account. Wow there is way more in life then sitting in front of the keyboard. Why not go meet the person or at least use skype and do a Video chat. No it seems that people want to be social [...]

Please and Thank You!

I was at a restaurant the other day, and there was a young lady requesting scramble eggs at the omelet station. Did not think much of it. But when the chef went to put her eggs on the plate, she got all mad. She was like ‘oh no I need those cooked more’ and was [...]

Signal me baby…

I find it hard to believe that most cars today do not have turn signals installed. I mean is this really an option that no one could afford. As it seems that more and more drivers have no idea what to use these blinky lights for, I happened to come across a bumper sticker that [...]

Beware of the local news title…

I find it funny that our local news channels have to give weather titles. Just this last week, we had a pretty good snow fall. Wavy TV10 is calling it the “Winter Storm 2010″ What? So guys, what are you going to call it if we have another good snow weekend, “Winter Storm 2010 Sunday” [...]