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American lost my money again…

So we where looking for a new car. This time I wanted to give Chevy/GMC a real good look. As I really liked the Yukon and Tahoe SUV. Thinking and thinking about it, I had a real hard time parting with 55K. At this point, I called our normal sales person at Honda and asked [...]

Oh it’s on (more like ordered)

Just ordered my Puppy Tweet for our dog. This is great. My dog will be able to tweet just like all the other people that have to much time on there hands. Nice. I can not wait. I will have a tweet feed on this page with updates from the dog as they happen in [...]

TarGET -a- clue

Okay, lets talk about poor service from the Target Pharmacy at Monticello. To start you have to wait 10-15min in line just to drop off a prescription. They used to have a different line just for drop-offs. No it is just one line now. Never could figure out why it takes so long, as there [...]