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RedGreen Who?

Man I miss this show! If you never seen this, then watch and you will understand…

It’s a big one…

I know that I pick on Burger King a lot, but man this new straw is huge. Burger King calls it the “BK Pipe” No kidding. I was sucking cookies through this thing. But I have to say that this was a great idea for the milkshake. ” Have it your way”

Hardee’s Hardly…!

Look at this, I mean I pay good money for a good healthy breakfast and all I get is a tiny egg and a sausage that does not even fit on the biscuit. What a joke. Come on guys.

Long John’s Purple….

So I am not a big fan of Coleslaw. But I tend to always eat Long John’s Silver and KFC. But the other day, I got me some of that yummy LJS after I took a few tums and etc. When I got my food, my coleslaw was more of a pink/purple color. I asked [...]