Stupidity by Facebook Again!

So Kerfye Pierre returned home from volunteering in January’s Haiti earthquake. As she was leaving, T-Mobile granted her a courtesy plan. But when she got home, her bill was nearly $35,000. That’s right little lady. I am so happy you wanted to help. But the courtesy plan was for phone calls. However she was to busy updating her Facebook probably about how good of a person she is on how she helped people etc, etc, etc. The more you really look at this, there are only really two types of people that enjoy facebook.

  • The Let Me Tell You Every Details of My Day Person
    • Could not get out of bed.
    • The drive to work was to long.
    • I am making coffee.
  • The Self-Promoter
    • What can I brag about today? I know, I made this way great dinner last night. It was the best and everyone loved it. Check it out, I even took pictures of it with my cell phone.
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