EasyA out on Friday!!!

Welcome to Williamsburg!

That’s right, Moe’s is coming. Thank god. I have never been a big California Tortilla or Chipotle fan. But Moe’s kicks %$#…….. If you have no idea what Moe’s is, check out http://www.moes.com/.

(OLD SCHOOL) Ghetto Car Driver

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New Axe Commercial- detail your balls

Rollin’ with Saget (Edited)

RedGreen Who?

Man I miss this show! If you never seen this, then watch and you will understand…

It’s a big one…

I know that I pick on Burger King a lot, but man this new straw is huge. Burger King calls it the “BK Pipe” No kidding. I was sucking cookies through this thing. But I have to say that this was a great idea for the milkshake.

” Have it your way”

Hardee’s Hardly…!

Look at this, I mean I pay good money for a good healthy breakfast and all I get is a tiny egg and a sausage that does not even fit on the biscuit. What a joke. Come on guys.

Long John’s Purple….

So I am not a big fan of Coleslaw. But I tend to always eat Long John’s Silver and KFC. But the other day, I got me some of that yummy LJS after I took a few tums and etc. When I got my food, my coleslaw was more of a pink/purple color. I asked what happen to the old stuff. The lady behind the counter told me that this was the new coleslaw and she has not tried it yet as she was also scared of the way that it looked. No kidding. Bring the old stuff back.

For the love of God…

When we first moved into our new house, we would always hit traffic on RT 5 on Sundays when the Williamsburg Community Chapel would let out. Not to big of a deal, as we could just take another way out to get into town. A few months later, the church was asking for right away for a new entrance on our side of the neighborhood. There point was that traffic would flow if they could have a new entrance that used our stop light. Wow, not a bad idea. This would make my Sundays better. So I agreed. But now, every Sunday, My family and I have to stop and wait on traffic in my neighborhood because it seems that anyone who goes to the Williamsburg Community Chapel has no idea how to stop at an inter section. What a joke. If I know that no one could drive and follow road signs, then I would have never agreed letting Williamsburg Community Chapel on my side of the street!