Be wrong 90% and still have a job!

That’s right, this would be the best job in the world. Be wrong 90% of the time, get paid and still keep a job. Sign me up. This explains everything!!!!!

Google is the MAC

You can actually play pac-man within Google’s logo. Check it out… BTW – Happy birthday Pac-Man!


Black & White took my Silver

A few months ago, the company I work for decided to do some newspaper advertising. After 3 months, we did not get one single call based on the ads. I was told that most people just read there news online now. Hm, I guess I do the same and really never thought about it.

Well today was going to be a pretty busy day. So when I know this, I tend to stop and read the paper to give myself some me time before I get into work mode. As I got to the paper box, it wanted $0.75 cents. What, no wonder people are reading online. I thought the newspaper was only $0.50 cents, when did this happen? So after dropping my 3 big men’s in the stand, I got the paper. But then noticed that it was thin. How thin you ask. Thin, it was only 4 sections and a total of 13 pages. But wait there is more. Two pages covered the President visiting Hampton University. So now the paper is really only 11 pages. For $0.75 I should have gotten a lot more. I mean is the Daily Press just running out of things to write about. Here is a hint… maybe they could write about positive news! I feel as they owe me at least $0.50 cents on today’s paper. That was a joke.

Why Men Don’t Have a Clue & Women Always Need More Shoes

As we all have problems from time to time, it sometimes is nice to hear that other people are having the same problems. Not that I wish this on anyone, but again I don’t feel alone on this. As I was looking around on the net, I found a great article about how nagging the opposite sex is more then what we see.

Taken from

    “From a male standpoint, nagging is a continual, indirect, negative reminder about the things he hasn’t done, or about his shortcomings. It happens mainly at the end of the day when a man needs fire-gazing time.

    The more the nagger nags, the more the victim retreats behind the kind of defensive barriers that drive the nagger crazy. These barriers include newspapers, computers, homework, a gloomy face, amnesia, apparent deafness and TV remote controls. No one likes being on the receiving end of subdued rage, ambiguous messages, self-pity and blame or having guilt continually thrust at them. Everyone avoids the nagger, leaving her alone and feeling resentful. When she starts feeling even more trapped, unrecognized and isolated, the victim may suffer even more.

    The more the nagger nags, the more isolated she becomes.

    The only real outcome from nagging is the destruction of the relationship between the nagger and the victim because the victim feels he has to continually defend himself. “

To read the whole article, click here…

Roll’n on Dubs

To the NoVa players…

To the Facebook/Twitter weenies

All raped up in one song… enjoy! – Mom and dad, don’t listen, it has bad words :)

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OMG, put dwn d fone & hav :)

So my family and I have been spending the weekend at Busch Gardens this spring. But as we walk around we spend more time getting out of people’s way because all of them are to busy looking down and texting while they walk. Come on people…. You are at a fun park, you can put your stupid phone down for a few hours. This is crazy, is it really that important to not stop for a few hours without a phone in your hand! It just burns me that I have to spend more time making way for someone that is not paying any mind to the people around them. Just the other idiot on the other side of the text.

No Kid left behind