American lost my money again…

So we where looking for a new car. This time I wanted to give Chevy/GMC a real good look. As I really liked the Yukon and Tahoe SUV. Thinking and thinking about it, I had a real hard time parting with 55K. At this point, I called our normal sales person at Honda and asked for him to give me a price of a top of the line Pilot fully loaded. He came back and said, no problem. I knew that was coming, but when he told me it would only be 40K with extras that the Tahoe did not have I was puzzled. For 15K more I should be getting something more in the Tahoe. Yeah it is a little bigger, but what else could be different?

Well lets look at resell value, maybe the Tahoe is doing better as I am told that this is the SUV to have. So I did a quick trade-in value test. 2009 Pilot vs. 2009 Tahoe. Get this, the Tahoe dropped apx. $15,300 over 12 months. The 2009 Pilot dropped apx. $3205. WOW!!!!! I can also say that my buying experience was way to easy. The pilot was a done deal and sold within 10min and 3 text messages. That’s right, I bought that baby via text on my cell phone.

Oh it’s on (more like ordered)

Just ordered my Puppy Tweet for our dog. This is great. My dog will be able to tweet just like all the other people that have to much time on there hands. Nice. I can not wait. I will have a tweet feed on this page with updates from the dog as they happen in real time. Keep an eye out…..

Not sure what I am talking about? Check out this post from a few months ago.

TarGET -a- clue

Okay, lets talk about poor service from the Target Pharmacy at Monticello. To start you have to wait 10-15min in line just to drop off a prescription. They used to have a different line just for drop-offs. No it is just one line now. Never could figure out why it takes so long, as there is between 3-7 people behind the desk. Okay got a little side tracked, So we get up to the front and drop off the prescription. Was told it would be 30min. No problem. I came back 90min later, just to make sure they had time. So I stand in line again for another 10 min. Once I get up to the desk, I am told that it is not ready yet. What? your joking right? So they claim they are going to mix it. Okay whatever. After waiting another 10-15min, I am told that they do not have that flavor. Okay so what where you all doing for the last 10-15min? So I pick another. Then they come back, guess what, we don’t have that one as well. Wow, really? what do you have…… This has been normal for the last couple of months. I think it is time to take my families business to another pharmacy. This is crazy.

Social Networking is for the dogs

One thing I can not stand is people always talking about their facebook or twitter account. Wow there is way more in life then sitting in front of the keyboard. Why not go meet the person or at least use skype and do a Video chat. No it seems that people want to be social but only behind the keyboard. I myself do not have a twitter account. However I will be getting one. For who you ask, my dog. That is right. Mattel is making a device that hangs around the dog and updates twitter on what they are doing. I am not getting this because I am nerdy, but because it is to damn funny that my dog will be able to do what so many non-social people do….

Please and Thank You!

I was at a restaurant the other day, and there was a young lady requesting scramble eggs at the omelet station. Did not think much of it. But when the chef went to put her eggs on the plate, she got all mad. She was like ‘oh no I need those cooked more’ and was very mean to the chef. My first thought was, you should have ordered them as scrambled hard if you don’t like your eggs runny. What ever, maybe they had no idea or do not get out much, But then when the chef did put them on her plate, she just walked away and did not say a word. We really have a lack of manners in our society now-a-days.

Many people have lost their social skills these days. I am sure it is from sitting in front of face book or my space, never leaving there home. Maybe because of this, they don’t know how to behave around others. My parents thaught me manners and to show respect. I feel that some days I am the only one that remembers this. I mean I get phone calls and the person does not even say good bye anymore. They just hang-up. Is this what our children are learning? I know my son will have good manners and respect for everyone.

Signal me baby…

I find it hard to believe that most cars today do not have turn signals installed. I mean is this really an option that no one could afford. As it seems that more and more drivers have no idea what to use these blinky lights for, I happened to come across a bumper sticker that gets this topic problem to the point.

Beware of the local news title…

I find it funny that our local news channels have to give weather titles. Just this last week, we had a pretty good snow fall. Wavy TV10 is calling it the “Winter Storm 2010″ What? So guys, what are you going to call it if we have another good snow weekend, “Winter Storm 2010 Sunday” I mean this is stupid. The media loves to make things bigger then they seem. I guess they are just running out of things to talk about.

Beware of shrinking Toilet Paper

So as I spend my great moments thinking in the office upstairs, I noticed that my toilet paper roll was smaller. Not by the amount but by the size. Come on, are times really that hard that you had to cut 1/2″ off of each roll now. This is crazy. We buy Quilted Northern toilet paper, as you can see in the picture, the roll to the left is my normal and the roll to right is the new one. It went from 4.5″ to 4″…. How sad! This also brings me to my next question. Does the paper go over or under. Well after doing some google searching, I found that over is better. The bottom line looks to be less waste. Hm, well if you now use the new Quilted Northern, I guess it really does not matter as they already helped you out by removing 1/2″.

Mommy pack my bags…

I have to go see this….


So three times we have placed a to-go order with Quiznos in New Town (Store 8870) and our order is never ready. We call 30+min in advance. But this time was the kicker. We were told that they were busy helping customers. Wow, what are we, just chop meat? Okay so no problem, thought I would make a small comment on this location. Okay maybe a big one. But get this, I sent the comment in on Dec 17, 2009. Still to this day have not heard anything. So just wanted to pass on the bad service that this location has. They lost my business and my companies business!