UGG – Would someone explain?

So what is up with females these days. It seems that girls want to dress for the summer above the waste and for winter below the waste. Does this make any sense to anyone. Why? I have to say, that maybe if you got a pair of rockstar sunglasses to go along with these boots, it would bring the whole package together. But for now, who you fooling.

Let me learn you something…

So I always thought having a child in home school was a dumb idea. But being that I have a son/student and a wife/teacher, I see both sides of problems that we have in our schools. First, states are way to busy looking at teachers papers. Yes as a parent we want the best teacher teaching our child. But a paper does not prove that the person is a good teacher. I mean if the states are only worried about students getting good scores on there SOL’s then hell, I can teach out of a book.

The bottom line is that I understand what the SOL’s are designed for, but teachers/schools/states are so worried about kids not learning anything that they are only teaching what the child needs to know to pass. Second is funds. To start, I feel teachers should be paid more then what most get now. Teachers are very important to the development of your children. But as it turns out, that most are worried about loosing there jobs or cuts to there departments and can not focus on the real problems that our children are having. Just today I read that 80% of the Virginia school board is aware of cutting jobs and lowering pay. It really is sad to see this happening as this affects all of us even our children. Good teachers should teach and have fun without the worries of SOL scores and money. Again, SOL’s are useless information if all the teacher is going to do is teach right out of the book. They should just do the test for the student.

So now it seems that home schooling maybe a better way for are children to get a better education. As we don’t have to worry about the above problems. However social interaction is a very big part of going to school and should not be left out. But wait, if everyone did home school, then we all should create a school with the same ideas. Oh wait, we already have that, it’s called private school. This is nice if you can afford it and keep in mind that private school need to run like a business for it to stay open. So yes there are problems there too. Does the circle ever stop. I mean the only one that is really getting hurt by this is our children.

Believe me, I will be sending my child to a private school as long as we can afford it. I feel that he will get a better education then what the state has planned for him. Keep in mind, that there are a lot of different types of private schools and who over sees the education. Not to be biased, but I think my wife works for one of the best private schools around. As they focus more on family and arts. It seems that no public school these days care about arts or others, just what ever is in the SOL test. Again just my 2 cents as a parent and husband to a teacher.

I got two turn tables & a microphone…

So after linking one of my daily sites, “The people of Wal-Mart, I came across this site and had to share. The site is called “”. Way to funny. Check it out by visiting

Nerd Alart Part 2

So I got my new Phone. It really is better then my old smartphone. Google has done a real good job with the Android OS. The only complaint that I have so far is, the lack of mail checking it has. But after using the gmail account with push. This works really nice. So anyone using a droid, really should use gmail for the quick email updates. If not, the pop/imap will only check every 15min. Just my 2cents.

My son will also be happy that I found Bubble Burst. Check it out at

Wii be busy!

After hacking my AppleTV, things started to work better as my kid did not have to touch DVDs any longer. Well he is now wanting to play games and the Wii has CDs. As I don’t really want him touching them, a friend turned me on to USB Loader. This allows me to add a USB Hard drive and copy all my games to it. So now, all you have to do is turn on the Wii and find the game you want to play. Check this demo out…

After Christmas blues

Christmas was great this year. My 3yr old really enjoyed himself as did my family. I am really sad to see it be over so soon. However, my wife got me one of the best gifts ever. One of the things I like to do is watch “The Christmas Story” all day. Not sure why, as I own it. But I guess it has been something I have always done. So this year, she got me the leg lamp. After opening it, the first thing she said was “NO” as she knew that I was going to put it in the front window.

On the other hand, my son got a real drum set. Lucky for mom and me that the grandparents got mute pads. After a few hours he realized that the pads come off and that the drums make alot of sound….. Oh well, I knew it was coming. Keep rock’n little man.

Beware of the Transplant

So as born and raised in Williamsburg, I always hated summertime. This is when us locals had to deal with the tourists. But not so much anymore. We now have to look out for the transplants. So if you are not sure what a transplant is, let me tell you. These are the people that move to the area with there life savings. You can spot them two ways.

First: These people have something on there car about Williamsburg. Like a sticker with WMBG or there licence plate has DUKEOG ST or something to that effect.

Second: You will get behind this person doing 40MPH in a 45MPH zone. But when the speed changes to 35MPH, they are still driving 40MPH. What gives, did someone not explain to you the concept behind the speed limit sign and that little pedal to the right that you put your foot on. UGH!!!

Holy cow… For real?

Saw this and had to share…

Get the BEEP over…

Okay, this trend is getting worse by the day, and it seems to be more common than ever. I drive I-64 everyday. Most of these people are men and women talking on their cell phones. They really need to ban cell phone usage while driving. The majority of people can not talk and drive simultaneously. My life is more important than a stupid cell phone conversation that can wait 10 minutes until they get home.

Last there are the people that drive slow in the left lane. The left lane is designed for passing only. You people force us who want to pass to pass in the right lane or get bunched up behind you. The left lane is not made for traveling. GET OVER.

Nerd Alart!!!!

verizon-wireless-htc-droid-eris-frontOkay, so I am a bit of a nerd. Oh well. That is good and bad sometimes. But anyways I am so ready for a new phone the AndriodOS seems to be the way I want to go. My friends and co-workers are getting this but I have to wait til January 10th…. Wow that is so far away.