Driving the boat… Kinda

My family pulls up to the bank the other day behind this huge SUV. The funny part is that it takes the driver 3 times to get into the lane. I would think that the first time would have been a hint that this car is way to big for them. But for some reason these small people think they have to have big cars and take up two parking spots etc. You can spot these type of people by two ways. First, the person can not drive . Second when you pass them, they are sitting 2in from the wheel. Has anyone told them how unsafe this is. I really think if you have to drive that close you need a smaller car. After shaking my head at them, I remembered a MADTv skit about the normal SUV driver. Thought I would share…

Inform me LED

Driving to work today, I am sitting in traffic again. As always on the peninsula side of 64. VDOT feels that 2 lanes is way more then needed for this side of the water. Again a 12mile drive should not take more then 30min. What ever… That’s another post sometime.  But as I am sitting in traffic I get up to the neat LED signs that tell you problems that maybe ahead. Mm okay, what does it say…. “Drive Safe and Buckle up”. For real, you could not tell me that “Accident ahead and Left lane blocked” VDOT, is it that you are lazy or do you really not know how to use all this neat technology that my tax paying dollars bought?


Back the MAC up

mcdonaldsOkay, so I eat out a lot. I am sure the list of why I should not is just as long as why I do. But I have to say that I do eat out at McDonald’s a lot. The McDonald’s on 4521 John Tyler HWY (Store 16406) just plain sucks. To start, once I was charged for Mayo. Wow really. Then one time I was in there with my family and asked for a cup for water. I was told that would be 0.30 cents. Come on… I am already a paying customer. Here is an idea. If you are trying to save money, why not turn the Cable TV service off. Because the only people watching that TV is your employees as the volume is so high I don’t eat in anymore. But last night was where I draw the line. I am the second person in line. After waiting for more then 12min I finally get my food. Boy that is some fast food. The owner of these McDonald’s should really take notes on probably one of the best McDonald’s around based on Service and food quality. Take note of store 25251. The staff is nice and the food is great. Also 99% I get my food from window 1 to window 2 within 15-20sec.

After reading this post, I think I may try to create a report card on fast food places around the area. I mean I eat out so much, I really know where to go and not go for my food. Stay tuned…. Also I added this funny below. I am sure most have already seen it. But if not, enjoy…

Knot again!

tiemyshoeLittle man needed some new shoes this weekend. No problem, mom and I set out for something that should be so easy. As always we find the Velcro shoes. But then noticed that there are 10 Velcro shoes and 1 tied shoe design. Okay, no problem off to another store. Guess what, the same thing. I am sorry, but my wife and I both believe that our kind will learn to tie his shoes. Not only did we find way to many Velcro type shoes, but they even make them look like they have lases. Come on… So after leaving I decided to read  why my child should have Velcro shoes over tied shoes. Maybe we where  missing something as parents. Well I only  found two reason that most people agree on. One, kids want to be independent and do things  for them self. (I know this as my son tries to tie  his own  shoes at 3. So this was not a good reason.) Second, at this age, you do not want there shoes to come untied.  (Hmm this is called a double knot.)  So I have always said  that our younger generation is not getting the everyday know how, and now I know why. Parents and companies are letting  this happen. Also found that most kids do not know how to tie there shoes at age 10…… That is so sad.

Get out of your Shell – Shell

So I noticed that I needed gas today. I decided to stop by the normal Shell station on Jamestown Road. At the time I pulled up, I noticed that the lights where off but it was 6:45am. Not that early. So I still got out thinking that I use a credit card and no one needed to be there for that. Well I was wrong, the pump’s where even shut off. What’s up with that. So I get back into my car and as I am driving away, I see a sign “Under new management”. Well I guess we can agree that the new management sucks.

Rockstar… NOT!

sunglasses_largeCould someone  please tell these girls today that the big sunglasses are totally stupid looking. I mean the only person missing these boats is Grandma Ursula from the 70′s. The first thing I think about is a bumble bee or some retarded person playing dress up. Come on. You are not a rock star and those things make you look stupid. Maybe one day females will have better taste in what they wear. But for now, I guess I am stuck looking at the bubble eyes!!!

Bring Home the Bacon


So the other day I decided to check out Burger Kings $1 double cheese burger. However I like to add bacon to most of my hamburgers I get. Call me crazy but that is what I like. So I pull up to the window and my total is $3 and some change. Wow, I knew it would be more then a $1 as I was adding bacon, but these guys really think 3 strips is worth $1.99. I don’t think so. After I asked, I was told that the person rang this up as a “double bacon cheese burger” Well that is not what I asked for. I asked for a $1 double cheese burger and I wanted to add bacon. I think this is like $0.60 cents. But it seems that the person taking the order must have been lazy and did not want to take the extra steps. So I guess the bottom line is that if I was going to spend that much, I will just go to Wendy’s next time.

XM, are you Sirius?

Noticed the other day that I tried to play my XM account online as I always do. For some reason it was not working and asked me to contact customer service. So I called XM now Sirius, and they told me that to use my account online I have to pay for that service now. What? When I signed up for XM like 3yrs ago, I was told this was included and never was informed of the change. There reason was that they are now providing a better stream. I did not ask for that, so why do I have to pay for this service as it should be free to there current customers. So now if I want my music online, I have pay not to add that my monthly service fees have already gone up. Maybe time to cancel service and plug my iPod in.

It’s the law!

Share the Road

My two biggest pet peeves are, not using your lights when it is foggy or raining outside and your parking lights don’t count. Last people on there bikes want us to share the road. No problem, but you will do as I do on the road. What does this mean, Well if I stop at a stop light, then you need to stop. BTW, bicycles are considered vehicles. So I thought I would list a few laws that some people don’t think they apply to them!

  • You must use your headlights during inclement weather, or whenever you use your windshield wipers.
  • It is unlawful to operate a motor vehicle, moped or bicycle on Virginia roadways while using earphones or headphones in both ears.
  • Bicycles are considered vehicles and have the same rights-of-way as motor vehicles; bicycles must also yield the same rights-of-way as motor vehicles.

For more info, visit: Virginia Traffic Laws at a glance

Signs & lines only suggestions

It really is sad that VDOT has to put lines and signs up for people to reference. But then they don’t even look at them. I am not perfect, but I tend to read what is around me. So this weekend, I am at a 3-way intersection, pretty easy to see that there is a stop sign in front of me and at the other end of the road but no sign to my left.  So guess who has right of way, that’s right, the person to the my left. Well this guy is in front of me  stops, then decides to enter the intersection as cars are coming from the left. He is shaking his hands and blowing his horn. Why, he is in the wrong. Oh and btw, VDOT was nice to put this sign up next to the stop sign.


Are people really this stupid and can not read? I guess maybe they should not be driving.