Honda – Let’s get it together

So owning more than 12 Honda’s the designs and quality are gone. I own two EX models, one a Pilot and one an Accord. Both have rattles that are out of control and the Pilot trans has some sort of slipping problem at 45. But there is nothing wrong with it. Yeah okay. Over the last few years the new model designs suck and everything in the inside feels cheap. It’s like Honda and Chevy switched designers. I always hated Chevy’s designs and now they are way more appealing to me then Honda’s. Also Honda’s designs all seem like rip off’s of someone else. So I am sure we will be looking for a new car to replace the Pilot soon. I have to say, that I will probably be looking at another car company sad to say. Honda what happened????

My first Blog!

Well I have decided to see if this blog thing helps. My wife says that I really need to redirect my anger and feelings on things somewhere else. So thought this would be a good place to put them. I will give it a try!